BOTOX & Dysport – Effective Treatments for Facial Aesthetic

Aesthetic medicine or aesthetic cosmetics is an innovative term for enhancing cosmetic appearance of your body by using cosmetic techniques to treat wrinkles, scar, spot, excess fat, face lifting, mole removal, skin discolouration, removal of unwanted hair, and many other forms of beauty enhancement. This technique traditionally includes surgical and non-surgical procedures such as plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and dermatology.

About aesthetic treatment

Cosmetic surgery is an advanced type of surgical procedure that requires more preciseness to beautify the targeted part of the body. There has been a lot of innovation in cosmetic surgery during past few years. The surgical procedures include treatment for facelifts, breast augmentation, liposuction, and radiofrequency ablation. Pornography celebrities even get surgery for their genitals such as labia and clitoris augmentation to beautify them for their pornographic performance. Non-surgical procedures include chemical peel, skin tightening, non-surgical liposuction, and radio frequency skin tightening. Aesthetic cosmetic techniques are commonly used by celebrities and people from sophisticated society for their appealing appearance. Many beauty clinics are offering these services to their customers. The surgical procedures are also performed in many well-known hospitals and medical institutions. There are many such services in the United States.

BOTOX and Dysport for aesthetic treatment

BOTOX and Dysport are two branded treatments in Atlanta area.BOTOX Atlanta GA cosmetic procedures and Dysport Atlanta GA procedures have been specially designed for anti-aging effects. BOTOX and Dysport are two similar cosmetic treatments with little difference that the latter has less protein and fewer antigens in its formula. BOTOX was being safely used for a long time to minimize forehead wrinkles and grimace lines by easy and fast facial reconstruction beforeDysport introduction, but Dysport has offered the new option with some better performance. Dysport has been approved by FDA to improve wrinkles between the brows. Both techniques are innovations for facial enhancement and are very popular in the United States and other countries outside the US.