Commercialization of education in today’s time

We all know the value of education in our time. The person who is literate knows the worth of getting the right education and the person who isn’t literate or well educated knows how much life would have been different if that person would have got one. There are a lot of things that bother people. One of those things is to ensure that their children end up getting the right kind of education. An education means a lot, it sort of shapes the way a person would end up being in life and that’s why parents are really worried in which school they should get their children enrolled in.


However, the sad thing that has happened is that the corporates have started to invest in the education sector because they now understand the value as well as the emotion attached to the education. Due to this, a lot of schools are making the education more expensive by adding on new tech systems and facilities for the students. Something like is an example of the same. Now some schools use to keep a track of the attendance of the students, not that it couldn’t be done without it but that’s what commercialization of experience is.

A lot of money is taken from the parents charged to them as fees for a lot of things such as extra activity fees, progress fees, smart fees and what now. Someone charging you money isn’t the problem, the problem begins when you feel like all the charges are justified and you think about paying them in order to secure your child’s future thinking that an expensive education is a better one. Commercialization of education is broadening the divide between rich and poor and the society as well.