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Basketball – Favorite among youngsters

If you are sports addict and like to play, enjoy and watch various sports channels, then it is quite sure that you must have played and watched basketball match at least once. Well, basketball is quite a famous and well-known game so far in United States.

People in United States of all age groups, majorly youngsters are crazy for basketball matches. If

National basketball association or NBA is a leading basketball association in America and here 30 teams actually play basketball. Now you can imagine the adventure and fun when these 30 teams play and compete with each other in the court.

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United States basketball teams

United States is one of the top most countries where basketball is played, watched and enjoyed so much. Because of this reason National basketball association is a most leading and famous organization there.

High school basketball and college basketball is also one of the famous activity in United States and gathers highest TV ratings. Well, this is enough to recognize the popularity of basketball in America.

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