Moti Ferder: Man behind the Lugano Diamonds

There are few people whose way to success becomes an inspiration for others. Their hard-work inspires people to do well and follow their path. The great work that they put forward is appreciated and liked by people around and also by the people who are looking for some motivation. One name which undoubtedly is synonymous to hard work and success is Mr Moti Ferder. This name is indeed popular in the alleys of the diamond business. In fact, not just in diamond business, but business in general.



He is the President and CEO of Lugano Diamonds, a retail diamond company. He opened the first retail store of the company in 2005, and since then the company has reached to greater heights. Mr Moti Feder’s hard work and vision have made the company this big diamond brand that it is today. He is constantly striving to make the brand bigger and better.


He is a qualified gemologist and master diamond cutter. He has a great experience in this field. He has handled many departments at the same time. From sourcing diamonds, their cutting, and then to distribution in wholesale, he has handled it all. He proactively participates in retail sale as well.


His interests in making the diamond industry a more functional and better industry have kept on growing with time. He also manages the overseas market. He has a lot to offer to his company when it comes to work. This has made him quite knowledgeable and well-versed in this business.


His passion for work serves as a great motivation for the people working in Lugano Diamonds. This is what makes him truly a great achiever and a true inspiration among the people. His name itself has become a brand. Lugano Diamonds is expected to achieve greater heights under his leadership and vision.