Moving ahead of discrimination and prejudice

The nation of America has seen all the phases in its history as a great nation, that has allowed it rise above all the negative odds and raise its own standard of living. Thus, the nation provides all of its subjects a positive state and protection from all sorts of unethical code of conducts, with the help of which they can survive for long with happy memories. Moving ahead of Apartheid, the nation required great efforts and has suffered enough to handle any other kind of discrimination amongst its own citizens. As far as felons are considered, some groups of society still regard themselves as morally corrupt people for the only reason that they have suffered in prison for years. However, the matter of the fact is that their own time in the prison has given them insight towards differences between ethical and unethical natures, and this way they have been rectifying their own nature for long.


This represents they are now just ethical as all other fellow beings, as they have repented for the crimes committed by them. This makes the portals of a good location to restore the status of such felons in the society. Since they are being discriminated and most of the employers do not want to have felons in their organizational structure only because of the reason, they have committed crimes, the situation for felons could become worse. Thus the presence of a portal that offers job opportunities and openings to the felons, strictly rectifies the situation and allows the felons to at least live a considerable style of life. The essence of the steps remains in the fact that living is full of opportunities, and being judgmental against felons is another crime committed by those who have never been felons by themselves.