Role of the QA engineers in the functional testing

The life cycle of the software development considers the QA to be a very crucial part. The reputation of the brand and the customer’s retention will completely depend on the product’s quality. The role of the QA engineers is not just limited to just solely focusing on the testing part but they are also having a vital role in delivering and planning domains. QA engineers with good technical abilities will perform the testing. It is important for delivering a product which is of high quality and will provide a seamless experience for the user. You can also visit wayfx, for reputed QA engineer.



Role of QA engineers


  • The developers and the QA will be the part of an identical scrum team. The job of a QA engineer will be to test the software. The work of the QA engineers will be different than the developers. Someone may think that testing an application may not be as vital as the other part but it is completely a wrong concept. For testing, the application one needs to do a lot of plan testing as well as executing them.


  • For testing the application, the QA process will need to be very much high. The job of the QA engineer will be different from the other members of the team because they will represent the programs complexity and errors that will lead to success eventually. The product quality will have a high standard when the QA team will improve. The QA engineers need to use the right methodologies as well as tools for increasing the customer’s satisfaction and their retention rate.


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