Safety measures while using trampolines

Before buying your children the best gift, it important that you are aware about the safety measures associated with the trampolines. Most of the trampolines are quite safe to use with its net and all those padding. But if not abide by the rules, it can cause moreharm than good.  Though your children are same from fractures and heavy injuries, still they can get injured by bumping into each other head causing scratches and bruises. Even if you advice your children to be safe, they end up doing stunts in it and thus land inappropriately. If they are careless the can end up falling off on the springs and frames.

Trampolines available at trampolinexperten are often safe but still you will have to follow up some measures to ensure full safety:


  1. Your trampoline should be away from any tree or fences.This will help any interference while performing. They won’t take up much area so you need not to worry.
  2. Make sure that only one person is allowed to play at a time.
  3. Make sure that some adult is present when children play. Because children often end up doing some somersaults and land up in head.
  4. Check if the trampoline you are buying has shocking pads, springs, hooks and frame.
  5. Do not allow children below 6 years to go into it.
  6. Read about all type of trampolines at and buy the one having enclosures. This will give you assurance that your children will not fall from it.
  7. Also when allowing children to play in it. Make sure that you inspect it properly. Make sure that it has padding on the frames exposed.
  8. Make sure you follow the guidelines you get from the manufacturer.
  9. If used for exercise purpose, make sure that you are bouncing in the center of the bed.