Seagen Expert the Volkswagen of the German Power Tool Industry

There are very few one stop destinations available online for purchasing heavy machinery tools in the market. The seagenexpert is one of those few rear breed who not only enjoys dedicated brand loyalty but thrived in a less popular path. Consumers who use this kind of tools prefer to buy them from offline where they can thoroughly examine them before purchasing. So it is safe to say it was a risky startup which paid off well. Now we will briefly study about the products that are available in

Bosch table saw PTS 10:
This is one of the most popular picks of this site. It is a table saw with a very good price-performance ratio. It’s a relatively strong machine at very affordable price. It power rating is 1400W and runs at an rpm of 5000. The product weighs around 26kg and can be tilted around 45 degree to 0. Though the saw blade is of high quality the cuts are often not precise and the material used is cheap plastic.
Bosch saber saw PSA 700 E:
This is an electric sabre saw which weighs around 3kg. The weight of the tool is little high for hand tool and the power is rating is around 700W. The changing procedure for blades is very simple but this product can’t be used for industrial purpose.

saegen expert

Makita chain saw 35cm:
This is a very high power chainsaw which runs at a speed of 1800W but use the energy efficiently. The model can accelerate the chain at 870 meters/second. The only disadvantage of this product is it makes noise as loud as 90Db.

Seagen expert in order to educate their consumer regarding the product have often been brutally honest while reviewing and have showed no intention to hide any information is the probable reason for so high brand loyalty.