The Future of Crypto Currency – Everything you need to know

Crypto currency is a form of digital money that was invented for enhanced security. Bitcoin is the largest crypto currency also known as decentralized currency that work on peer to peer technology. The sole purpose of this technology is for transaction processing and verification managed by advanced encryption techniques known as cryptography. Bitcoins was designed through mining technology which involves fastest computers to carry out their process (in the form of algorithm)

Bitcoins and Ethereum – The major crypto currencies that ruling the digital economy

These types of crypto currencies have multiple safeguards to avoid hacking and theft. Fang Albert has posted blogs on major cryptocurrencies especially ethereum which is expected to make a big trend in 2018. Although these crypto currencies like bitcoins has benefits like decentralization however the transaction anonymity feature paves way of criminal deeds like money laundering, drug trafficking, smuggling and many more.

In spite of these downsides, still bitcoins are more popular in the market and number of companies has launched their own crypto currencies. This led to the birth of Ethereum in the year 2014 which made the people think whether this will become an alternate to bitcoins. Fang Albert an aspiring business owner has written some interesting information on crypto currencies, ethereum and many other stuffs which provides basic essentials for the beginners.

The Future of Crypto Currency

It’s a big year for crypto currency and it could go bigger soon. This crypto currency euphoria driving the market ever higher. So if you have plans to invest in crypto currencies, it would be the best treat for this year.


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